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Session teaching dates

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Southern Cross University has a teaching calendar of three equal sessions. Depending on the course of study, the sessions enable some students to spread their study load, or to accelerate and complete their degree in less time than the usual duration.

Detailed information about study breaks, exam periods and grade publications dates can be found on the key dates / teaching calendar page.

Application dates

The closing dates for applications to the University are listed below. For cross-institutional study closing dates see cross-institutional study page.

Search for your course then use the Apply Online button on the course information page.

Online application closing dates 2021

Study PeriodClosing Date (Domestic)
Session 1, 2021 (commence 1 March) 26 February 2021
Session 2, 2021 (commence 5 July) 2 July 2021
Session 3, 2021 (commence 1 November) 29 October 2021
Study Period 1 (commence 4 January) 20 December 2021
Study Period 2 (commence 1 March) 14 February 2021
Study Period 3 (commence 26 April) 11 April 2021
Study Period 4 (commence 5 July) 20 June 2021
Study Period 5 (commence 30 August) 15 August 2021
Study Period 6 (commence 1 November) 17 October 2021

 Late applications may be considered depending on course availability.